There are no Mistakes on the Spiritual Path, only Growth Opportunities

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The Journey of the Soul is one of ever-learning, evolving and growing. I put it to you there is nothing else going on but this miraculous self-realising process. The One is expressing itself through the entirety of form in the Universe - through you, through your soul. Whilst we will create things in this process, whilst we will have relationships and fall in love, these are the effects of the miraculous weave of life simply expressing itself. Life is looking for ever higher harmonies of vibrational alignment. If this is true, then how might we consider the phenomenon of a 'mistake' on the Spiritual Path? What is a mistake? Is it possible to avoid them?...

The only true mistake?

I put it to you that there is only ever one mistake that you can make on the Spiritual Path: that is to do something, to have an experience, and not to learn or grow from it.

The Universe is not trying to achieve any particular thing. If it was, that would presuppose some original intention, which in turn would presuppose a creator, and if there was a creator, where did it come from? What preceded it?

You can only truly postulate that the Universe came from the infinite potential of the condition 'nothing/everything'. If there was 'something', you always have the challenge - against what relativistic phenomenon was that something defined? And then you need an explanation for the phenomenon and so on and so on (you always need something else to define the new phenomenon by).

In my knowing and understanding, the universe exploded into light - into pure awareness - as a natural consequence of infinite potential: given infinite time (before there was such thing as 'time') then you have infinite probability that pure presence would subdivide into flows of awareness. Science refers to 'ripples in space' emerging from the singularity, that then cascade outwards in a chain reaction causing the "big bang".

The point is, you are that One - that infinite potential - having an experience. And nothing else is going on. We just fool ourselves that there is something specific to do, because we fool ourselves about the notion of identity - that we are some thing. We will do things, and they will be wonderful, but they emerge as a natural consequence of the One (at the core of you) expressing itself.

Back to the Source

This realisation alone, can bring with it a great sense of release and letting go. There is nothing specific for you to achieve. And by letting go into this potential inside yourself, creativity will effortlessly flow - that is when you're not struggling to create. It is the flow back to the source, back to The One (inside yourself) by your own soul that will create in abundance when allowed to - when the ego is not getting in the way.

The soul experiences a compelling yearning to journey back to the source - back to the presence of The One. What gets in the way, is where it is not realising of this One Self (of this infinite potential) where it gets confused with the separation consciousness - within matter. It's where the soul thinks there is something specific to do and create. But the soul is a divine expression of this Oneness, seeking out ever superlative reflections of this. It is literally learning through every encounter to become that finer expression.

This means something crucial to the journey: in terms of what you create, how ever your interactions in life go, you simply cannot make a mistake. The only true mistake you can make, is failing to realise something about your self - about your soul. Because if you don't realise what you could have, then by the Law of Attraction, you'll naturally recreate that pattern (although through different circumstances) in order to make that particular realisation.

How might you benefit from this knowing?

The 3 benefits from constantly learning

  1. Firstly, if you accept that there is nothing physical to gain, apart from the experience itself, then it frees you from the need to manifest. This in itself is a tremendous liberation.
  2. Secondly, by realising that the purpose of life is to continue to learn, evolve and grow at a soul level, then you can become the 'winner' in all situations and circumstances. You simply have to ask: "Why did I manifest that situation?" "What was I meant to get from it?" "How can I be more of me?"
  3. In realising what you were meant to get, brings greater integration, congruence and alignment to the soul. It feels like constantly coming home to yourself. This is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. You feel yourself expanding in self acceptance and love.

Approaching the moment for true success using the Breakthrough Approach

How best might you approach each moment to succeed? Openhand's "Breakthrough" Approach is a simplified way of confronting the moment and breaking through into the deeper meaning, the deeper experience of the divine. It involves a direct confrontation of the moment, especially the 'tightness' that happens as a resistance to the truth of what's actually going on. It's by penetrating this tightness - be it physical, emotional, mental or karmic - that we open internal doorways to the bountiful and liberated Cosmic Self. It means you can win in life all the time, no matter what is taking place.

The Approach is shared in detail through an real life, epic story of awakening. It's about how you can always learn, evolve and grow from the experiences of your life. You'll constantly unleash soul through you. Thus you'll create ever greater harmony, self-acceptance joy and love. What's more you'll become truly successful in a material sense - what I mean by this is that the soul will create in abundance bounteous vehicles through which to express out into the universe, because that's what it naturally does when not bounded by the ego that believes it has to attain something in particular.

Openhand's Breakthrough Approach is shared in detail in the book Breakthrough: divine revelations.
We're helping people master it at Courses around the World through 2018.

Living a bountiful life

I believe the only mistake in life is not to learn from the circumstances that befall you.

It's time to set yourself free: to become the constant learning, evolving, growing creature that is inherent at the core of you.

What a bountiful life!

In loving support,

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Open you saud the only ever mistake one can create is not to self realize from any given moment. This one statement is enough to make ones life full of living to be a mistake. What if one is not evolved or in a position to realize through every experience. Or is it only the right of a chosen few to not make a mistake.

Its synchronistic i see this article now. I just had a fierce argument with my gamily, my brother in particular. I was on the verge of a breakdown but crying in front of them didnt seem right enough. I was watching myself and lookin for an expression which didnt arrive. Yes its not easy for everyone as you put it. Doesnt that suggest having an experience without understanding it to be a mistake.

Hi Vimal,

Thanks for your question. I actually qualified my statement by saying (that in my opinion): you can only make one true mistake on the spiritual path. If you're consciously embarking on the spiritual path, then certainly from the Openhand Approach, this is true.

I honour your experience. I also mentioned in the article to honour the pain where appropriate. Clearly you felt it best not to express directly in front of them. What you could now do, is take yourself off into a quiet space and regress yourself back into the situation. See the images of them and what took place. See the images of yourself. Work to activate and feel the feelings that happened. Then look for the tightness and express that out into your space.

To get to the tightness, ask "what is it I think I needed to get from the situation?" Was it that you needed to be heard, respected and honoured? If that's the case, explore into it. Feel what it's like not being honoured and respected. If that makes you want to shout and scream, or beat a cushion, then do so. Put on some emotive music that animates the pain and move to it.

When you're in the midst of the pain, that's the point to recognise that you are The One. That this experience is transient and it does not define who you are. Open a doorway through the experience, inside yourself, into the presence of The One.

From this place, then you'll start to pick up essences and senses of your soul vibration and how it now wants to express. Then kindle the expression of the soul.

Next time you face a similar situation, work into the pain as its happening. Quickly become the One in it. The look for the expression of rightness of your soul by putting your attention on it and growing it.

It's not initially easy to catch it in the moment - which is where you truly break the pattern. But if you keep practicing and keep bringing light to the issue, you will catch yourself and be able to work with it. This changes the narrative - you start to create a new reality and don't manifest situations to expose the old limitations - because they will have dissolved.


Open *OK*

Hello :)

I'm currently reading Breakthrough and learning so much from it. But this one question keeps coming back to me. I run, trails, roads, short and long distances, races. I truly enjoy running in itself and to experience what my body is capable of, but is wanting to improve the same as wanting to control the situation? Does wanting to run more miles in a shorter amount of time always cause you to tighten and does this always come from ego? Where can and should you draw a line as an athlete?

Thank you so much!

It's a great question Hannah...

    "Does wanting to run more miles in a shorter amount of time always cause you to tighten and does this always come from ego?"

The way you describe it suggest potentially that it does come from the ego - but not necessarily. That depends on your experience whilst you're doing it and what you want to get.

So, why are you wanting to run more miles in a shorter amount of time? Is it because it boosts your self esteem or you need to prove something? (which would be ego). Or does pushing yourself in this way feel like an ever greater expression of you? Does it feel better and better (is there an increasing sense of 'rightness' to it that just feels good for its own sake?

I can recall Chris's rowing experience - I can actually regress into the feelings. There was great joy in the constant feeling of improvement. However this was also masked by needing to prove something against other people - with its root cause in lack of expressed love from the father figure.

My advice would be to explore running as a feeling. Constantly asking yourself "how can I advance my technique so that it continually feels better?". If you work on stamina or muscle strength, always be present in the feelings - penetrate into them and become as-One with them. You may well find that significantly changes the dynamic in a positive way and simultaneously advances your consciousness.

A fascinating exploration indeed!

Open :-)

PS - I felt to add something on competing. It's another fascinating issue. Only the ego competes to beat another. However, competition also provides a feedback loop to the soul on how it is performing and how it might improve. So just because one competes, doesn't necessarily mean that's ego. Only the person themselves would truly know for what reason they are doing it.

In reply to by Open

Open, thank you so much for your detailed answer. A very interesting topic indeed!

Reading this is making me realize that I am growing from one to the other. I still want to be better than others and to prove my worth through physical achievements (also because of absence of expressed love in my childhood) but that feeling is slowly fading. Lately I indeed try to move completely into my body when I run, to a point that it becomes meditation. I begin to feel that it can help me to move through my emotional pain, by moving through physical fatigue/pain if that makes sense. As you described in your book; suffering is a choice in the moment.

Thanks again for your words, they're spot on.


Hi Open and Everyone! I just wanted so share with you the last few months for me I have been on an incredible journey of complete transformation that has totally changed my entire life practically overnight. I've been practicing present moment which nature has been my best friend and biggest teacher there. I've used ceremonial cacao to crack open my heart. I've used somatic work and embodiement work to get in my body! As someone who has experienced trauma and also have been an addict since teens to 40's I've never been in my body! Most people aren't!

With being in my body came the greatest give of exploring my sacred sexuality- my life force energy through the ancient practice of tantra healing myself an then bringing my partner in!

I have completely experienced my multidimentional nature and the multidimentional nature of the Universe. Linear time is an illusion and I have experienced "event space" and manifesting in 5D and also using sexual transmutation! I am blown away! It's hard to even explain!

Maybe you can explain better than I! I can hardly contain my excitement!


Hi Tracy,

What you're experiencing is tremendous - fantastic - for those committing and digging deep, these are powerfully alchemical times. I'm thrilled for you HeartPraying Emoji

It's a great paradox that when you actually come fully into your body, you can experience greater multidimensionality! Firstly it feels like you connected up to the movement of kundalini energy by working to be fully present, in the body, with nature. It's sounds to me like in opening the heart, you most probably went through some karmic barrier that was preventing you from coming fully in (the heart connects into the causal body where karma is contained). When you connect up higher and lower self, a number of processes kick off: (1) you start having strong kundalini flows, which channels energy into the higher vehicles, hence the multidimensional experiences (2) because both are connected up, you're actually able to record those experiences in the lower self - you remember them and embody them as here and now experiences, which can't happen if you're partially out of body (3) the movement of kundalini energy will confront and cleanse away density (4) the moving energies will often feel sexual, but can be fully aligned to be generally creative - I suggest browsing this article again, if you haven't already... Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Now I would suggest the key is to both open out into the experiences more, and to embody them more, through the practices you're experiencing. Over time they will settle and be more 'normalised' as a way of living and being.

Exciting times for sure!

Open The Sun Emoji Thumbs Up Sign

Thank you for that article. I hadn't read that one previously. The tantric approaches I used just came to me intuitively and it was as if my partner and I were united as one. I felt that unity consciousness. We did a few exercises that are non-sexual but connecting with eye gazing and touch. It was a deep healing. I'm lucky my partner who I wouldn't call really spiritual is very open to this. It shifted his energy (he probably doesn't even notice but I do). It shifted our energy, we become softer, more connected, more loving. It's a beautiful unfolding for healing the divine masculine in both of us and de-armoring.