Hi Everyone, wherever you are out there in the world, how ever you've been tuning in: Openhand greatly welcomes your involvement. Humbly, thankyou. The Openhand work has been around here in the 3D some 15 years now, and after countless explorations, iterations and unfoldings with you, we're finally unveiling the true focus of what the work is really all about -

The Great Shift of Consciousness into the Fifth Density.

We're about facilitating the Great Shift, by establishing an energetic bridge into the higher paradigm of consciousness. The work we've thus far produced, will now integrate into one:

The 5D Shift Project:

Openhand's integrated philosophy shared through 3 sequential books, 3 sequential courses, all backed by this web portal and facilitator network. It's about supporting your shift into the Higher 5D Paradigm. Ignite Your Passion!

The Shift gathers pace

When I started talking about the shift some 15 years ago, although there was a sense of something already taking place, and although people were already talking about "the Ascension", it all seemed a bit "far out", a bit "new agey". It was all too easy to pass off for "some distant lifetime - how does that help me now?" So whilst plenty were interested, you got the sense the philosophy and the energy wasn't really sticking - people weren't taking it too seriously. Well now, all that has very rapidly changed.

All around the world, in the groups of people I'm speaking to, there's a growing sense of commitment and urgency. People recognise the accelerating breakdown of the old biosphere; the inequity, injustice and greed of the old paradigm; they feel the soul's yearning to find a more equitable life, founded on unconditional love, joy, and mutual respect for all life - a life tuned into the divine hand of the cosmos.

That's exactly what Openhand's new Great 5D Shift Project is purposefully designed to support. It's about providing a framework of exploration and realisation, to be there as your supportive facilitator when things aren't so clear, when you get stuck or need that crucial inspiration for your next evolutionary leap. That's what we're all about.

But let me hasten to add: this is never about telling you your truth. Rather its the transmission of various evolutionary frequencies, in the written word, spoken on video and audio, or shared through courses and gatherings. It's all about resonating higher frequencies of being, that you feel inside yourself, that are yours, which express your truth out into the world. What's real for you?

What exactly is Openhand?

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness - a bridge - being grounded and anchored here so as to resonate the frequencies of the much needed shift. A vast array of higher benevolence is gathering around the earth as we speak, from all across the cosmos, here to support the Great Shift. It is such a spectacular etheric gathering, for perhaps the most magical transitions possible - the Ascension of a planetary system. And everyone gets a front row seat - how blessed!

Openhand is an energy, that you can connect into anytime, anywhere, anyplace. All you have to do is open your heart and ask for guidance and support. But be aware, it will never tell you your truth, or what to do now. It works by offering an energetic reflection: This is what you're being now, the light and the shadow... what's your highest expression of being?
Right Action then flows from this inquiry.

Here on Openhandweb, we're sharing tools, tips and advice on how to tune into this energy, and how to work with it, to support your maximum potential for unfolding. That's exactly the purpose of the Great 5D Shift Project being announced today.

3 sequential levels of work

In the Great 5D Shift Project, there are 3 sequential levels of our supportive work:

  • Level 1: BREAKTHROUGH - a two day intensive, designed to fully open you to the shift flow
  • Level 2: 5GATEWAYS - attuning your spiritual compass & routemap through the inner densities
  • Level 3: DIVINICUS - taking you on an experiential journey to release karma and activate kudalini (previously the Transfiguration).

Sequential Series of Books: To accompany the course work, there is a sequential trilogy of books, full of personal sharings, divine revelations, tools, tips and advice for the path. Discover more...

5D Shift Project Intro Video

Openhand's 5D Shift World Tour

We feel it's essential to connect face-to-face with as many of you as possible. Because it strengthens the vibration and wider resonance for all. When a small group of people come together, with openness, love and respect for all life, with a genuine commitment to evolutionary unfolding, then we harness and maximise the shift energy, which is felt far afield throughout the world.

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