We kept hearing how you'd like to be able to download our meditations so that you can listen to them off-line. We listened and at last, we've found a way! Click on the relevant download link below to download your MP3 audio meditation. The revenue all goes back into the Openhandweb site fees so that we can keep providing you with a plethora of supportive articles, videos and meditations.

'Breakthrough Breathing' Meditation MP3 audio download
Here's the Breakthrough Breathing technique used to attune sense of presence and the soul flowing through the bodymind.
£3.00 (GBP) (approx US$3.75) Buy Now!

'A Celestial Journey' Meditation MP3 audio download
This celestial meditation encourages transcendence of the mind with integration of a deep primordial knowing, beyond thought,to unfold your true spiritual nature.
£3.00 (GBP) (approx US$3.75) Add to Cart

'Healing the Wounded Dragon' Meditation MP3 audio download
A deeply moving meditation designed to help us heal the divine masculine for both men and women, to empower our lives courageously.
£1.00 (GBP) (approx US$1.25)Add to Cart

An Everyday 'Soul Massage' Meditation MP3 audio download
An everyday meditation for finding balance and calm as the soul massages through every fibre of your being.
£3.00 (GBP) (approx US$3.75) Add to Cart

'Mists of Avalon' Chakra Meditation MP3 audio download
A meditation to move through the density of the lower paradigm and into a higher vibration, one chakra at a time.
£1.00 (GBP) (approx US$1.25) Buy Now!

'Releasing Entities' Meditation MP3 audio download
A very popular and effective guided meditation to help clear the energies that allow entities to manifest in our energy field.
£3.00 (GBP) (approx US$3.75) Buy Now!

'Ascension Meditation' MP3 audio download
A powerful audio meditation by Open, to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness.
£1.00 (GBP) (approx US$1.25) Buy Now!

'Higher Paradigm' Meditation MP3 audio download
An 'Ascension Activation' meditation to take us into the Higher Paradigm, guided by Trinity.
£1.00 (GBP) (approx US$1.25) Buy Now!